Mind The Gap Installation

Work commissioned for the Mind the Gap mental health issues conference at Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne. an installation comprising of 60 pieces made from pre-loved vinyl and centrifugal force.

Mind the Gap was NUSU’s first mental health project, completely planned and delivered by Newcastle students. It aimed to deliver challenging and stimulating events to generate debate and dispel stigma, and culminated in a one-day conference event that was held on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

Following the success of the conference and the project outreach events in 2014-15; the chairs of the four strands; Local Schools (Hannah Bree), GPs and Local Businesses (Josephine Mo), Diverse Communities (Charlotte Maxwell) and Wider Student Body (Beth Watt) came together to create the ‘Mind the Gap’ society.

As a society we are here to promote knowledge and understanding of mental health and tackle the stigma that sounds mental health. To do this we hold various events; big and small throughout the academic year and everyone is welcome!

Our aim is to work with local schools to build knowledge and understanding of mental health in our younger population and events in the past have proven to be popular with the schools and they’re very exciting and enjoyable for the volunteers to do too!

Client:Newcastle University Students Union
Skills:Art, Installation
Project URL:Work