After having to give the beloved Canon 7D  back to my brother-in-law it was time I bought a new camera. I realised quickly I couldn’t afford a DSLR or frankly didn’t need one, as most of my photos are impulse shots on my travels so opted for the Canon EOS M3 which is loaded with features, fits in my parka pocket has interchangeable lens and takes a mean photo.

I decided to head out the night of the 28th December (the day before my my birthday) and see what the camera could do, capturing long perspectives, odd scenery, contrast and the beauty of the night in a cool city. I use Lightroom to edit my images to tweak and refine.

If you are interested on going on one of my nightmoochs let me know via the contact page and we’ll have a wander about and see what we can capture.

You can view the rest of my images here at Flickr –


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