Drawing Confidence Workshops

I’ve recently put together a drawing confidence workshop system for children and some¬†S.E.N. Groups (predominantly primary, although not exclusively) based around concepts of street art and graffiti¬†techniques and production. Firstly creating a six point drawing and markmaking system for young participants to create visually striking work using a range of materials and media with the results more often than not exceeding personal expectations. The images shown have been created by children aged 7-8, many who constantly stated ‘they couldn’t draw!, which is why we start the sessions by reversing this statement to ‘I can draw!’ this starts the session on the good foot, so to speak!.

As ever the workshops are centred around birds, which means there is plenty of choice and variety and a good way to teach observational drawing and composition in an exciting, engaged way. the final result are a collection of bird wheat pastes which are usually presented for all the school to see.

The six point system is designed to make sure nobody loses confidence or makes irreversible mistakes and is loosely based around the concept of starting with very course application all the way through to detailing and highlighting, before cutting out.

To enquire about a workshop for your school use the contact form HERE to express interest and I’ll be straight back in touch

Drawing Confidence WorkshopsDrawing Confidence Workshops