I’ve recently found an absolute gamechanger of an Adobe Illustrator plug-in called FontSelf™ and without exaggerating its amazing.

What does it do?

Simply create a vector of a font from an handdrawn example then vectorise using imagetrace or draw it using Illustrator then drag straight into the Fontself plug in panel which does all the hard work then tweak it using the spacing tools etc, before using the export options to generate a font or preview the live font.

You can make, edit and export fonts in minutes without leaving your beloved Photoshop or Illustrator: the Fontself extension shows up as a new panel, as shown above, where you turn any shape or image into a font glyph. From here you can export your creations into regular font files (like Opentype .otf). These fonts are then compatible to use on your computer, tablet or smartphone

I’ve started working on two examples the first Hand ‘o’ Bob (see below) & Halftony


Here’s a brief video from Fontself’s original Kickstarter campaign which is a quick run about Fontself.

The plug-in costs $49 (about £34.50) from https://www.fontself.com/and if you want to make fonts it’s well worth it!

P.S. the support is great too!


Since a early age of about 13 I’ve always been fascinated by freehand type, taggin’ and graffiti handstyles, developing a unique style of handwriting through prolonged practice and a love of writing with pens and paper and collecting the tools of the trade from markers to handmade scribes from all manner of materials.

I’ve recently developed a love of a newly purchased pen which is kind of a big deal to me, as a full member of Pen-a-holics Anonymous. The pen in question is the legendary Pentel Parallel Pen (6.0mm) the blue one in the image) I’ve started practicing with what is a reasonably hard pen to steer due to its wide italic nib, but after a while reams of A4 paper, gallons of ink and tonnes of repeated alphabets I felt like I was kinda getting somewhere. After a while i realised calligraphy pens need steering in a certain way, so to this day my practice continues and I’m getting better, with the help of some rules and YouTube. I’ll show you the results in due course… I might even make a video.


Here’s my goal I found in a video by Uvulus, beautiful type, effortlessly created with PPP, have a watch and tell me hand-drawn type isn’t a sweet visual treat!