Born within the heavy industrial borders of Rotherham/Sheffield and a graduate of Cleveland College of Art & Design during the early nineties (Now the Northern School) studying Visual Communication.

A practising multidisciplinary artist working on artworks centred around freedom as an open narrative from a lovely studio space overlooking the Derwent Valley in Gateshead. Taking onboard influences from aerosol artform to Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Hundertwasser and Van Gogh

I create layered paintings and murals, immersed in colour, contrast and form which utilise a variety of available surfaces, building up abstracted imagery using spray paint, paint applicators, oils, acrylic, collage technique, stencils, laser cut reliefs and surface pattern experiments to create visual depth around my main subject of ornithology and natural forms.

Originally starting out as street-based artforms before transferring the techniques directly to canvas, which when displayed served a purpose of momentarily plucking the viewer out of their own current context even if only for a moment.



November 2016: Inflight Entertainment: Arch Sixteen, Gateshead
Self-curated exhibition showcasing new work at the Gateshead venue/art space


October 2018: Bird is the Word: Arch Sixteen, Gateshead
A joint exhibition alongside Sean Collins and Velcrobelly, showcasing new artwork in the form of original paintings, illustration and print.

May 2018:Biscuit Factory Summer Show, Newcastle Upon Tyne
6 Original paintings alongside a headline collection of original paintings from Dan Cimmermann, plus new artwork from over 250 artists, designers and makers.

Summer 2014: Scrap: Python Gallery, Middlesbrough
Scrap: summer 2014. Blurb was. An exhibition examining collage’ in arts practice – one that clusters around an innovative approach to materials; the assemblage of found objects; the juxtaposition of elements from different worlds; and the extensive use of chance and improvisation in urban settings.

November 2013: In from the Outside: Hartlepool Art Gallery